Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eyes to See (December 8, 2011)

OK, so after my post last night I guess I am obligated to give a follow up.  I can't give too many specifics - mostly out of fear I may be thought of as weird in response.  In short, someone said something to me last night that was totally out of the blue and caught me off guard.  It left me a little skeptical, but still wanting to be open to what God might have in store.  Going to bed last night, I had all sorts of thoughts on what might play out.  What was said to me last night was that today I would see a victory to something I had been wrestling in prayer over for quite some time.  And I do believe that victory broke through just before 3 PM today.

A little vague, I know.  Sorry.  But I will just add that the spiritual torment I endured this morning leading up to the afternoon was unlike anything I had experienced before.  But, I guess victory doesn't come without a fight.

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