Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Discipleship Program

Starting January 2012, we will officially launch the Lighthouse Alliance Church Discipleship Program.  This program is designed to offer a 2-year rotation of courses designed to help equip, build up and establish new believers and seasoned believers alike in their faith, their Christian lives and in ministry.  Many of the classes have already been offered, but we will make this a more intentional program along with several new courses.  New courses may be added over time, and part of the program will consist of a variety of 1-day seminars along the way.  I pray that this program be a blessing to all who participate.

We will suspend the current course plan for Fall 2011 so that I can get materials organized to head into the new format.  Here is the current tentative road map for the line up of courses.  The final course and seminar list and dates will be available in November.

January - February 2012
Science and the Bible
Will feature several Answers in Genesis videos.  This course is designed to help the student look at scientific issues from a Biblical perspective.

February - March 2012
Prayer 101
This course will look at what the Bible says about prayer, as well as many voices throughout church history.  We will go beyond the theory of prayer and practice prayer with the goal of moving each student deeper in their prayer lives by the end.

April - May 2012
Biblical Evangelism 1
This course will feature the Way of the Master Basic Training Course as well as other teaching materials designed to help the student share their faith simply, Biblically and effectively.

June - July 2012
Biblical Evangelism 2
This course will follow up part 1 and will utilize the Way of the Master Intermediate Training Course.  It designed to help the student gain greater confidence in sharing Christ with specific groups of people from atheists, evolutionists, homosexuals, family members and others.

August - September 2012
Biblical Worship
This course will examine what the Bible says about worship: what it includes, how it should be done, and the difference it should make in our lives.  The goal is to lead the student to truly begin offering worship to the Lord in spirit and in truth.

October - November 2012
The Fourfold Gospel
This course will explore the distinctives of The Christian and Missionary Alliance and give the student an overview of the theological issues that define who we are.

November 2012 - January 2013
Love One Another
This course will explore what it means to experience true Christian fellowship, as well as how to show the love of Christ to a lost world.  The course will include specific and practical challenges to demonstrate love in a variety of ways.

January - March 2013
Overview of World Religions
This course will discuss the major tenants of the major world religions, as well as tips on how to most effectively communicate the Gospel with each group.  The course will in part be based on Ray Comfort's book, World Religions in a Nutshell.

April - May 2013
Bible Basics
This course will begin with establishing a doctrine of the Bible, then will focus on teaching the student the basic principles of studying and applying God's Word.

June - July 2013
Basic Apologetics
This course will seek to provide a reasoned defense for many of the questions and objections that are raised concerning the Gospel, such as: how can we prove there is a God, can we trust the Bible, why there is evil and suffering as well as other issues.

August - September 2013
The Christ-Centered Life
This course will examine how the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be displayed in all areas of our lives from marriage to parenting to how we act in the workplace and other aspects of life.

Final few courses to be named in November.

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