Friday, September 2, 2011

Prayer Station: September 2, 2011

Today was just too nice not to head over to Lakewood Park and set up the Prayer Station!  It is actually the first time out with the new Prayer Stand.  School is back in session, but I figured there were bound to be some people out and about on this 90+ degree day.  And, sure enough, while it wasn't packed by any means, there was a light stream of walkers, joggers, and people coming for an outdoor lunch.  I set up for about an hour.  The one good conversation I was able to have was with Debbie, a sister in Christ.  She asked for prayer as a group in her church is praying and seeking the leadership of the elders to restore a focus on purity and holiness in the church.  Wow!  That sure blessed me!  She pulled some cards out of her pocket of memory verses focusing on purity and holiness.  I later saw her walking the trail, listening to her mp3 player with a hand lifted up in worship.  I had a chance to try and encourage her and pray with her.  She shared about a friend who was looking for a church - a non-denominational one.  I told her that we were part of a denomination to which she clarified that her friend just wanted a church that focused on the Bible.  It is sad and interesting that, even among believers, denominations have a reputation for being concerned with themselves and not with the Word of God.  While Debbie was my only conversation, I was able to greet several friendly, and some not so friendly people.  I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but there seemed to be a better reaction from people today as opposed to when I would be out with the table or our home-made Prayer Stand.  Anyway, I pray that Jesus was exalted in the park today and that Debbie walked away encouraged in the Lord.  Praying for nice weather to head back there Wednesday night.

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