Monday, January 23, 2012

Challenge to the Church

"As in truth, so it is in service. The Church is helpless without the presence and power of
the Spirit. The Church never talked so much about itself and its problems. That is always a bad
sign. The lust for talk about work increases as the power for work declines. Conferences multiply
when work fails. The problems of the Church are never solved by talking about them. The
problems arise out of failures. There is no need to discuss the problem of reaching the masses, go
long as the masses are being reached. There is no problem of empty churches, so long as churches
are full. There is no class-meeting question, so long as the classmeeting throbs with life and
ministers to the manifold needs of heart and life. The power to attract is in attractiveness, and it is
useless to advertise the banquet if there is nothing to eat. We are acting as though the only remedy
for decline were method, organization, and compromise. The Church is failing to meet modern
needs, grip the modern mind, and save modern life. The saints are the ordained rulers of the earth,
but they do not rule; indeed, they have dropped the scepter and repudiated the responsibility. The
helplessness of the Church is pathetic and tragic."
-Samuel Chadwick

Almost 100 years later, what would he say of us now?

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