Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eyes to See (January 15, 2012)

So, it seems there is a pattern developing.  My reflections for Sundays lately are about something I saw God do in someone's life at church that morning.  And let's add another.  It has been so amazing - week after week - seeing the Spirit of God working mightily in the heart's of God's people.  And I never had a chance to reflect on what I saw Him do Saturday!  Oh well, maybe I will get to that sometime during the week.

I remember a wise pastor once telling me to lower my expectations for Sundays.  He said that if I always expect great things to happen, I will become discouraged.  Well, I guess I've ignored that advice.  In our Sunday morning prayer time, we have been praying just about every single week for God to work in the hearts of people and to change lives.  I mean, if we are gathering in the presence of God and being spoken to by the Spirit of God through the Word, how can we not leave transformed further into the likeness of Jesus?  God has been doing that.  It has been a beautiful thing to watch.  He is so awesome and I just can't wait for next Sunday!  But, Lord, help me to see how You are working even tomorrow!

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