Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ABIDE! Challenge: Day 2 Encouragement

Way to go - you are on to your second day!  I pray that day one was a blessing and a great step in your walk with Christ.  If you have struggled in prayer heading into this week, it is possible that yesterday was a bit exciting.  At this point, I want to caution you - enjoy the excitement while it lasts, but do not base your prayer life on the emotions.  Emotions will come and go.  Today may not be as exciting as yesterday was.  In that moment, we can easily throw up our hands and quit.  Don't.

Again, let us think about a marriage.  It is entirely possible that not every conversation with your spouse causes your heart to race and overflow with passion.  Sometimes your conversations may be...well...ordinary.  When it comes to prayer, we walk by faith, not our feelings.  Press on today regardless of how you feel or any sense of excitement that you may or may not be feeling.

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