Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Prayer Meeting is Not the Dodo Bird

One could easily conclude that the mid-week church prayer meeting has gone the way of the dodo bird.  Many times I have listened to old Leonard Ravenhill sermons where he mentions powerful prayer meetings.  Every time, my heart remembers back to years ago when such a meeting was commonplace.  I almost believed that the church prayer meeting was out of date.  They may not be common, but they are not extinct.  I just came back from one.  It was so refreshing.  Hope Church in Brunswick, OH is a model of a church built on prayer.

Having heard incredible testimonies of what God has been doing there, I wanted to go to one of their prayer meetings.  Tonight was the night.  I had been looking forward to this night for about a week.  I was nervous all day about going.  Would it be everything I was hoping it would be?  Would it restore my passion for prayer in the local church?  In short, it was probably the best church prayer meeting I have been to since about 1991-1992.

There were about 50 people from senior saints (I made sure to grab a seat next to one of these men of God!), church elders and former pastors to brand new believers (I'm talking like a couple weeks old in the Lord).  It was simple, beautiful, and refreshing.  I left there about an hour ago and my heart is still soaring.  It has birthed a vision in me for what can be true in the church where I worship, and any church.

Thank You, Lord.

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