Friday, March 16, 2012

ABIDE! Radio?

OK, so not the first time I've had to post this.  This is now a second week when a new episode of ABIDE! Radio just isn't in the books.  I do apologize for that and I know it probably hurts any chance of getting regular listeners.  I love doing ABIDE! Radio, but it is only a part of my ministry.  My primary focus in ministry is to Lighthouse Alliance Church.  Depending on what is going on there, as well as other projects, there may or may not be time for an ABIDE! Radio episode.  It isn't just the 30-minutes of recording, but planning, editing, and uploading, etc.  Basically, it can be at least a 2-hour commitment for an episode.  This is why I close each show by saying, "Lord willing, we'll catch you here next time..."  I don't want to stick so strictly to a radio schedule that I miss other things God may bring for me to do.  There are a lot of exciting things on the books right now.  The Alpha Course just kicked off.  We just had the IGNITE! Conference.  Coming up we have The Biggest Project, The Way of the Master Crash Course, the 30-Hour Famine, and some other items.  It all takes time in planning and preparation.

So, I just thought I'd explain why we suddenly fall into a week or two or more where ABIDE! Radio seems to vanish.  It isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  But from time to come other things come up and ABIDE! Radio needs to take a temporary back seat.  Keep checking back and we will have a new episode as soon as we are able!

Until then, keep abiding in Christ!

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