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Last night, about a dozen of us from church went to see the live opening of Kirk Cameron's film "Monumental."  Based on all the debate leading up to the movie, I knew what would come today - more debates about the movie.  I just wanted to add my thoughts on the film, along with the live feed portions from last night.

So, let's start with the elephant in the room - Glenn Beck's involvement in the live feed.  Glenn Beck is Mormon. He talked quite a bit about God and his prayer life.  Would I have preferred he not be a part of it?  Yes.  In fact, in reading a couple of reviews, it is clear that many people thought the purpose of the movie would be to call for a spiritual revival and to give a clear Gospel presentation.  If that was one's expectation of the movie, I can see the concern.  However, I do not believe that was the purpose behind "Monumental."  More on this in a moment.

"Monumental" as a film was a power eye-opener behind the founding of our nation beginning with the first Pilgrims.  The actual historical documentations of the Pilgrim's and the Founding Fathers completely overturns everything people assume to be true about our nation's history.  With that, I wish every American would take the hour or so to watch this well-done documentary.

For those concerned with the fact that live feed was lost at the end, there was no conspiracy, just an equipment issue.  The final comments from Kirk are available on YouTube:

Many seemed to leave the movie unsure of what to do next, other than get a hold of all the books and materials they will be producing.  For me, the next step was pretty clear.  It is helping to re-educate all people about the true history of our nation, which is very different from the message being handed down in our schools right now.  It begins with making sure our kids understand and doing what we can to help others learn.

The reality is, we now live in a culture that is being told it is basically their patriotic duty to shove God and religion out of public life.  As we were shown in the film, that was never the intent of the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers.  The first Bibles printed in America were published BY CONGRESS for the people and for THE SCHOOLS.

Was this a call for spiritual revival?  No.  Was it an attempt to evangelize the nation?  No.  I don't think it set out to be.  Yes, as the film showed us, the Pilgrims came over for the glory of God and the advancement of Christianity.  But we also know that, in that, was the idea of religious freedom.  As the movie points out, not all of the Founding Fathers were Christians, but they still saw the value of the people having access to the Bible.  But they were free to not be Christians.  But they also let people be free to live and govern themselves by the principles of God's Word.

The heart of the movie was about getting us back to true freedom and liberty as a nation.  The movie was very clear that it is Christianity that makes such a nation possible.  But it also provides the freedom to not be a Christian if one so chooses.

If last night would have been a call to lock arms in prayer together as Christians and Mormons, then I have a problem.  But that was not the case.  Glenn Beck's comments were about his praying and his praying with his family.  Kirk was not endorsing that he and Glenn  Beck pray to the same God.  Can Kirk and Glenn Beck work together at what "Monumental" set forth?  I would say yes, just in the same way that many Christians are now deciding if they want to vote for Romney or Santorum - a Mormon and a Catholic.

Kirk's objective clearly seems to be a first step at fighting back against the redefining of our nation's history that has been done largely by the hands of atheists.  Would it have been wonderful to see a Gospel message at the end?  Sure.  But it also would have killed this movie in its tracks and zero progress would be made.  We would continue down our current path where God and the Bible are being shoved aside and labeled as extreme and dangerous.  I see this movie as necessary groundwork to help ensure the advance of the Gospel throughout our nation.

Is revival the only true thing that will save out nation?  Yes.  But step one is bringing God back to the conversation of a nation.  I am grateful that Kirk has taken this step to pave that road.  If he begins to unite in prayer with Glenn Beck, I will run the other way.  For now, I see a good work being initiated.

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