Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prayer Station - 3/14/12

On Wednesday night, a couple in our church had an idea that, since the weather was so amazing, to bypass our normal Bible Drills time and take the Prayer Stand to Lakewood Park.  Sounded great!  The night was as close to perfect as we could imagine and the park was quite busy.  As often happens, our first hour was pretty slow.  But then a woman came to us who was a part of the local Vineyard Church.  She was excited to see us there and we had a moment to pray for her and pet her fun and energetic dog.  Very soon after that, another woman walked by thrilled to see us.  She said she didn't need prayer, but made a comment about how one day there will be a line of people in need of prayer.  Now, I generally take such things with a grain of salt.  Sometimes it is just a person's wishful thinking, but sometimes it ends up being the Lord.  I personally had a situation several weeks ago where someone "spoke a word" about me.  It sounded great, but was reluctant to believe it, but I told the Lord I was open for whatever He had for me.  It turns out that the "word" about me came true.  As for last night, I have a bit of a skeptical side of me, but I also want whatever God has in store.  And I certainly have no problem praying for the day when we do, in fact, see a line of people in need of prayer.

It is always encouraging as we go out with the Prayer Station because it seems that God always brings a Christian to us.  It is encouraging to hear from so many people in the area with a passion for the Lord.  Granted, I wish more of them were a little more active in sharing their faith.  But, at the same time, I have seen something over the past couple of months.  I used to have a frustration with all the Christians who applauded what we were doing on the streets, but who were doing nothing themselves.  But I am running into more and more Christians who are "men under the stage," as Eric Ludy calls them.  People who are passionately praying for a revival in the city of Cleveland.  I cannot declare their calling as "less than" that of one on the streets.  But if every Christian was always on the street, who would be 'under the stage" praying for the work of God in this city?  We need both parts of the body at work in Cleveland - those under the stage in prayer and those on the frontlines of the streets and marketplaces.

As we spent our time at the park, I couldn't help but take a moment to thank God.  I was joined by a brother in Christ and three sisters in Christ.  Just a few years ago, I didn't know any of them.  Here we were, sharing fellowship while serving the Lord.  I am so grateful that God has brought them to our church.  I am so blessed by them all.

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