Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Biggest Project: Baldwin Wallace

Part Two of the Biggest Project: Cleveland took place today at Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio (about 15 minutes south of downtown Cleveland).  The day started of with beautiful blue and sunny skies.  We began around 9:15 and were able to get to many students just leaving their dorms for the day.

In total, we had six team members (plus one baby!) helping out today.  The team included myself, Chris Chumita, Beth Morris, Joy Bohman, Ryan & Elaine Muniak (with Sarah).

By about 10:30, dark clouds began to roll in and the temperature began to drop quite a bit.  We continued to give out DVDs to thankful students, with very minimal rejections.  No videos were seen tossed on the ground.  It was a very positive event  Things were going much better than they did when we were here in the Fall with the 180 movie giveaway.  We had given out about 400 DVDs when the clouds opened and the rain started coming down around 11:45.

We scattered over to the metroparks for a wet cookout for lunch, provided by one of our team members.  We were hoping it would buy us time for the rain to die down.  After about an hour and a half of rain and falling temps (with thunderstorms still in the forecast), we made the difficult decision to call it for the day.

So, cold and wet, we packed up and headed home.  Now we will look to set a date to take more of the DVDs over to Cleveland State University.  By the time we are done, The Biggest Project: Cleveland will truly have hit quite a bit of the Cleveland area!

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