Tuesday, May 1, 2012

21 Days of Prayer

Will you take the 21 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday and give yourself to prayer as never before?  Is there anything special about 21 days?  No.  But many suggest that it takes about 21-28 days to develop a habit.  Will you begin a journey to make prayer a regular habit in your life?

There are no set "rules" for the challenge other than pray.  The one thing we would challenge you to do is take these 21 days and spend more time in prayer than you are right now.  If you do not pray daily, consider spending at least 15 minutes a day for these 21 days.  If you already pray 15 minutes a day, take it to 30.  If you pray 30, make it an hour, etc. 

Below are devotions for each day to encourage you and give you things to consider as you approach your daily time with God in prayer.

21 Days of Prayer Devotions

Day 1 - May 7th 
Day 2 - May 8th 
Day 3 - May 9th 
Day 4 - May 10th 
Day 5 - May 11th 
Day 6 - May 12th 
Day 7 - May 13th 
Day 8 - May 14th 
Day 9 - May 15th 
Day 10 - May 16th 
Day 11 - May 17th 
Day 12 - May 18th 
Day 13 - May 19th 
Day 14 - May 20th 
Day 15 - May 21st
Day 16 - May 22nd
Day 17 - May 23rd
Day 18 - May 24th
Day 19 - May 25th 
Day 20 - May 26th 
Day 21 - May 27th (Pentecost Sunday)

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  1. Wow, that first day's devotional was what I needed (and caught up to today's) because that part was SO completely true about being drawn to prayer by certain verses in my devotions. The line between the scripture part of my time w/ God is not clear cut(i.e.I go back and forth between reading and praying), and as disorganized as it may seems. According to the devo, whew, that is okay!
    Also, I love that Psm. 3:5&6 which I first learned as a simple worship chorus. It can bless your time w/ God while invariably memorizing it in the process.