Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beefing It Up

So, in some of my recent posts, and this week's ABIDE! Radio, I have been reflecting on some issues regarding evangelism.  Rather than try and ramble on a flowery article, let me simply list off some suggestions that I would encourage you to consider in your future evangelistic efforts (especially in street evangelism).

1. While "hit and runs" are a way to get the Gospel to people, it probably shouldn't be your primary means.  By that, I mean it is OK to do things to get the Gospel to as many people in as little time as possible.  However, you may find better results investing in one soul for 30-minutes than trying to scatter 30 seeds in 1-minute.

2. When you talk to a stranger, do you go out of your way to try and get to know them for a few moments (or as the conversation goes along) or do you go right to their sin?

3. Do you lovingly answer their questions and concerns to the best of your ability or do you always deflect them?

4. Are you prepared to give them a Bible and ask them how you can pray for them?

5. If you ran into the person an hour after sharing the Gospel with them, would that encounter be on friendly terms or awkward?

6. If you open air preach, end by letting people know that you will be around for a little while longer in case anyone has any further questions or needs prayer.  Not everyone is into being the heckler, but may be more prone to come and talk to you one on one.

7. Do you provide some means by which the person can contact you?  Perhaps you can set up an e-mail account just for that purpose.

8. Do you talk to people like you would want someone to talk to your spouse or your kids?

9. Make every possible effort to ensure that the person walks away, not just remembering how you pointed out their sins, but that they remember Jesus.

10. If you are regularly sharing the Gospel with a friend or loved one, don't do so every single time you see them.

Well, that will do for now.  More to come, especially some thoughts on the Prayer Station ministry.

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