Monday, May 7, 2012

God is Good

A couple of things happened yesterday that left me pretty discouraged.  Just a little bit ago, I was out running errands and praying while driving.  I asked God if He would help me see His hand at work and to be aware of what He is doing.  Literally, not even 3 minutes later, I walked into a store to check something.  Now, anytime I walk into a store, I am pretty focused on the task at hand and can be oblivious to what is going on around me.  As I was walking through the store, someone said, "Hi Paul!"  It took a bit to realize that maybe they were talking to me.  I turned around and saw someone I hadn't seen in several years.  In fact, I had wondered if I had done something to offend them.  But now they were the one initiating the hello to me and we had a wonderful few minutes getting caught up.  Was it an earth-shattering moment?  Maybe not.  But, for me, it was exactly the encouragement I needed in the moment and was blessed to re-connect with this fellow believer.  Thank You, Lord!

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