Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Book

I struggle with writing.  My first book took me about 13 years to finish.  Lately, my problem has been sticking with one project rather than bouncing around between different ideas in my mind.  Currently, I have a fiction book in progress with the working title Guardians of the Kingdom, as well as a "sequel" to The Intentional Spiritual Life which will be called Heart on Fire.  But I want to focus my attention over the next several months to finishing a project I began a while back which was called Prayer in the New Testament.  The purpose was to examine everything the New Testament said about prayer.  However, I kept feeling like the book needed an Old Testament foundation.  So, I am in the process of a book that will seek to establish a Biblical theology of meeting with God.  Is there a pattern to how God meets with His people?  What changes in His interaction with people from the Old Testament to the New Testament?  And what, then, can we expect in our interaction with God?  Can we even interact with God anymore?  Please pray as I make my way through this project.

This book will be specifically targeted for Kindle release, while hard copy prints will become available as well.

Here is a potential cover design.  What do you think?

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