Friday, August 1, 2014

You Really Need a Jar

In Exodus 16:33, Moses tells Aaron, "Take a jar, and put an omer of manna in it, and place it before the
LORD to be kept throughout your generations."  The passage goes on to tell us that Moses is doing so in obedience to a command from God.  The reason for this jar of manna is so that future generations can see the bread that God provided His people in the wilderness.

Often in the Old Testament, we see similar things happening.  Whether it is a jar of manna, a stone of remembrance or an altar, God called His people to set up a way to remember His faithfulness in their lives.  What a helpful way to encourage faith in the dry seasons!

Do you have your own jar of manna?  A stone of remembrance?  An altar to the Lord?  Something that will remind you of what God has done and how He has answered prayer, so that when the hard times come your faith can be encouraged in the Lord?

I have been journaling for years - not as consistently as I would like, but I still journals filled with stories of my spiritual journey.  Stories of God's faithfulness, provision, and answers to prayer.  I don't have to read the journals to be reminded - sometimes just seeing them reminds me that they are filled with stories of God's faithfulness.

At our church, we started another type of jar of manna.  I got the idea from another pastor that I know.  We have one jar in which people can put in their written prayer needs and things they are asking God, by faith, to do in their lives.  Next to that we have a glass jar and a basket of colored rocks.  Whenever we see God specifically answer prayer, we celebrate that and remember that by putting a rock in the glass jar.  It was a little risky at first.  I mean, what if the glass jar stays empty for a month...a year?  Talk about a faith discouragement!  However, the Sunday after we set the glass jar out, we already had a rock go in!  And rocks continue to go in the glass jar.  Just about every week, at least one new rock is added to the jar!  It has been a wonderful faith builder to tangibly see testimonies of what God is doing!

However you go about it, set up a jar of manna for yourself.  Maybe start with a journal.  Maybe set out your own glass jar.  Let your faith be encouraged!

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