Friday, August 28, 2015

Book Review: Spent Matches by Roy Moran

There has been a lot of talk lately about what it means to "be the Church." Part of this discussion has involved what discipleship should look like in the life of a believer. This conversation has come about after more and more of us have realized that "business as usual" is just not working. Usually, when we think of Sunday School classes, book studies and Bible studies - in other words, the accumulation of information. However, we for all our learning, we are missing transformation. In Spent Matches, author Roy Moran adds to the dialogue of how to change the tide of non-transformative discipleship.

Moran presents his case for us to shift our focus from evangelizing then discipling to discipling to conversion. In other words, journey with someone in the Scriptures before they come to faith in Christ. Very few of us come to Christ the first time we encounter the Gospel, yet we seem to expect everyone to do it. But Moran goes further to argue that this discipleship must go beyond learning information and theology. It must involve a call to action - creating an atmosphere where we look at what the Bible says, then address how we can live it out in daily life.

Spent Matches is not an earth-shattering book in that it presents ideas previously untapped. However, Moran does an excellent job of seeking to get to the heart of the New Testament concept of discipleship. He balances Biblical study and practical application in a readable way. With books like this, my main criteria is - does it add to the ongoing discussion of the topic. For Spent Matches, my answer is yes. I would urge all Christians to read this book. Sadly, books like this are usually only read by pastors ans leaders. Changing the culture of discipleship must involve the entire body of Christ changing how we define the term. Moran offers us a solid resource to do just that.  

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