Monday, August 15, 2011

No Good Time

When it comes to exercise, it never seems like there is a good time.  I never really feel like doing it.  There are always other things that need to get done.  I can't say that I have this mass of time everyday where I find myself unsure of what to do.  However, if I am serious about getting in shape, I need to make time to do it.  In fact, it is now just after 11 PM my time and I have not done my workout yet.  My eyes feel like they want to close.  I don't really like like working up a sweat.  But, in a few minutes, I will shut down the computer and do it anyway.

Spiritually, we can fall into a trap of thinking that we have to "feel like" reading our Bibles before we do it.  Or, we want to get just a few things done first.  And we know what happens - time with God keeps getting shoved aside.  I know that we are afraid of legalism, so any hint of discipline makes our skin crawl.  But living life based on feelings isn't any healthier than living under legalism.

Have you prayed yet today?  Have you opened the Bible yet today?  Do it now.  Nothing else is more important.  Excuses are easy to come by.  But living with one excuse after another will get you nothing but disappointment.

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