Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayer Station...No Prayer Station...Prayer Station

Photo from a sunnier day!
Let's just say today wasn't my favorite weather day.  Fall is falling here in Cleveland and I am not quite ready for it.  It was chilly and raining on and off all day.  The plan was to set up the Prayer Station at Lakewood Park again tonight.  For most of the day, I thought I would have to cancel.  But, as the time got closer, the rain seemed to hold off.  So, I headed out to the park and found that, while not as crowded as usual, because of football and soccer practices, there were still quite a few people there.  I pulled out the Prayer Station and just finished setting it up when the rain came again.  I packed up the Prayer Station in the trunk and the rain stopped. OK, I'll try it again.  As soon as I started setting up, the rain came again.  Oh well.  I left it up and in a few moments the rain stopped again.

I was joined by my good friends Chris and Rachel.  Things were pretty quiet, so we enjoyed some fellowship together.  After a little while, Jim came up and Chris asked if we could pray about anything for him.  He actually opened up about a situation and we all prayed together.  We gave him a tract and our contact information.

It takes a while to get used to the slower pace of the Prayer Station, even in our third year of using this ministry.  It is not as fast paced as other forms of street evangelism.  However, I cherish the fact that I can leave each time out with specific names and stories to be praying about.  While other forms of street evangelism are mass seed-scattering events, this is more careful and deliberate.  But let us never think of it as we either do one or the other, or one is right and one is wrong.  Both are needed and both are good.

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