Monday, January 2, 2012

Eyes to See (January 2, 2012)

OK, so I want to try and get back to a daily journaling of how I am seeing God at work.  I've gone back and forth and whether to do this or not, but have decided that for my own giving of thanks to God, as well as to pass on the stories of what God has done, that I will resume this effort.  I have spent too long living a Christian life that didn't really expect God to work in anyone's life.  Cynicism can sneak up on us far too easily.

So, today's reflection will focus on how God has been at work in the heart's of His people at Lighthouse.  Yesterday, I began a sermon series called "More Than Conquerors" which deals with why we struggle with temptation and how to live in the victory that Christ has provided.  I was nervous about the opening message, as it was designed to leave people feeling a bit convicted.  I was afraid people would become defensive instead.  I wrestled with the message in prayer all of last week, leaving it to God to do a much needed work in all of our hearts.  The feedback that I have received since I preached the message yesterday affirms that His Spirit was at work.  As a pastor, the greatest longing of my heart is to know that the people in the church are hearing from God and that His Spirit is at work in them.  He is.  And I pray the work continue this week for part two.

Lord, thank You for what You are doing.  And I thank You in advance for what You will be doing tomorrow.  Grant me eyes to see the work of Your hands.

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