Friday, February 3, 2012

The Holy Spirit

In his book, I Believe in the Holy Spirit, Maynard James recounts a conversation that should convict us all these decades later...

Maynard James
"A remarkable story is told concerning Dr. Walter Wilson, the well-known American Methodist preacher-physician.  After his conversion to Christ he became a lover of the Bible and sought to serve the Lord in teaching, preaching and tract distribution.  But his manifold activities seemed to produce little result.  This ineffectiveness troubled him, but he was exhorted by Christian friends "not to look for results, but only to be busy at seed sowing."

Then came an unforgettable crisis in his life.  a missionary from France visited Dr. Wilson's home and asked him the searching question: "What is the Holy Spirit to you?"

Wilson gave the orthodox answer: "He is one of the persons of the Godhead - a teacher, a Guide, the Third Person of the Trinity."

The missionary then rebuked the doctor by pointing out that he had not given the Holy Spirit His rightful place.  He said: "He is just as great, just as precious, just as needful as the other two persons of the Trinity.  But still you have not answered my question: What is He to you?"

The crestfallen Wilson was obliged to give the truthful answer: "He is nothing to me.  I have no contact with Him, no powerful relationship, and could get along quite well without Him."

Back came the reply which caused the doctor to inwardly tremble: "It is because of this that your life is so fruitless even though your efforts are so great.  If you will seek personally to know the Holy Spirit He will transform your life."  

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