Monday, April 2, 2012

Discipleship Program?

If you are a careful observer, you may have noticed something.  Several months ago, I talked about a "Discipleship Program."  But recently I have talked about bringing back a weekly prayer meeting.  Add in Alpha on Monday nights in the Fall and outreaches on Monday nights in the summer, when will the
Discipleship Program be offered?

Well, there will be some live classes, but the focus will shift to online courses with video and mp3 audio options, along with downloadable study notes.  Why online courses?  Well, for one, my heart is feeling burdened that a weekly prayer meeting is non-negotiable.  The reality is, I believe we can be more effective in reaching more people through the online format, as opposed to live classes.  Couldn't we do both?  Yes, but back to that weekly prayer meeting thing.....

Anyway, I am going to start working on the next class: "Lord, Teach Me to Pray."  And don't forget, ABIDE! Radio co-host, Chris, will be teaching a 4-week class on the Trinity starting in May.

So, please be in prayer for this and we will see what God might do through it.

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